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It has been a Varilek tradition to offer Angus bulls for over 60 years.  A tradition that will continued to be passed on to future generations.  We believe in our product! Our bulls carry a personal guarantee that your cows will be bred. 

By exclusively offering only two-year olds, we provide a more mature, sound sire. Our goal is to spare the customer the hassle and cost of developing a young bull. 

We strongly believe in our philosophy to develop the bulls at a moderate rate so they will continue to grow and develop naturally.  The bulls are not feed creep as calves.  Once weaned they are on a high roughage ration that ensures proper growth and development by growing their frame. During the summer the bulls run on pasture as yearlings. They are brought back mid October and once again feed a high roughage ration until sale day.

Annual Angus Bull Sale

Friday, December 15th, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Platte Livestock Market

Selling  60 Two Year Old Angus Bulls

60 BWF F1 Bred Heifers
Click here to see the videos of the bulls.


We can also arrange to have someone take a phone bid if you would prefer.

Can’t make the sale?

Watch it LIVE and bid in real-time on

Duke (605) 680-3780      •      Tess (605) 680-1865  



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