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 Starr & Varilek Angus has come from generations of family working together raising Angus cattle. Elvern and Margaret Varilek started in the angus business in the 1940's.  They raised purebred Angus cattle and held an annual Angus bull sale.  The sale was first held at the ranch South of Geddes; however, the barn burned in the 1970's and the sale was continued at several different area sale barns.  Their belief in the angus industry has continued on proudly by the next generations Tom Varilek and his daughter Tess and her husband Duke Starr along with their children Kade and Taryn Starr.  The pictures below were taken at the 1977 bull sale at the ranch.  (Elvern Varilek giving a quick introduction, Margaret Varilek getting ready to clerk, and Tom Varilek helping in the ring.)  Starr & Varilek Angus currently holds their annual sale at Platte Livestock Market.  The sale was held for many years on the last Friday of March; however, hoping to get away from calving season and desire to sell bred heifers the new sale date has been moved into December. 

     By exclusively offering only two-year olds, Starr & Varilek Angus provide a more mature, sound sire.  Our goal is to spare the customer the hassle and cost of developing a young bull.  We strongly believe in our philosophy to develop the bulls at a moderate rate so they will continue to grow and develop naturally.   The bulls are not feed creep as calves.    Once weaned they are on a high roughage ration that ensures proper growth and development by growing their frame.  During the summer the bulls run on pasture as yearlings.   The bulls are brought back in around the middle of September and are again placed on a high roughage ration until sale day.  Starr & Varilek Angus believes that by developing a bull in this manner results in more mature sire that will service cows more efficiently; be less of a hassle to condition after the breeding season; and be a more structually sound animal.

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